Engineering Services

Urban Engineering

The field of urban engineering is diverse and ranges from township development to public infrastructure, buildings and facilities, and all associated physical infrastructure. PHB Engineers has a wide range of experience in providing professional engineering services across this diverse field.

1    Township Roads and Stormwater

Over the past 20 years PHB Engineers has completed in excess of 500km of design and construction of township roads and associated stormwater infrastructure. PHB Engineers clearly understands the requirements of urban developments in order to ensure the safe development of communities, and in addition to ensure that the environment is protected and green spaces are developed with the roads and stormwater infrastructure.

While the technical aspect of township development should not be detracted from, one of the major focus points of such developments is community involvement and job creation. PHB Engineers has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with job creation technologies and building community involvement in projects to ensure sustainable community development takes place in conjunction with infrastructure development.

2    Hydrology, Floodlines and Stormwater Protection and Attenuation Measures 

Developments located adjacent to water courses normally require floodline studies to ensure that the developed infrastructure is located within an acceptable risk zone with respect to flooding, or to ensure that adequate flood protection measures are in place. PHB Engineers routinely carries out flood studies using BACWAT software and other runoff modelling programmes.

In order to ensure protection of water courses and green spaces in an urban environment which is constantly under pressure of on-going development, it is often required to provide stormwater attenuation structures and flood protection measures to prevent downstream flooding resulting from a particular development. PHB Engineers has experience and expertise to design, specify attenuation and flood protection measures for developments ranging in size from a single residential dwelling, to a commercial shopping centre, to a national road.

3    Water and Sanitation

PHB Engineers carries out the design and implementation of pressurised water networks and “open channel” sewer networks for residential and industrial developments as and when required.

We utilise EPANET alternatively TechnoCAD WaterMate software for the design of water networks and TechnoCAD PipeMate software for sewer network design.

4    Bulk Supply, Water Purification and Waste Water Treatment

PHB Engineers has the available resources to carry out Bulk Water Supply and Bulk Outfall Sewer designs and construction supervision. The final detail designs of these works will be checked by independent consultants.

Water Purification and Waste Water Treatment Plants will similarly be designed in-house with expert assistance from independent consultants and structural engineers where relevant.