Engineering Services


PHB Engineers has been at the forefront of the development and construction of the new broadband optic fibre networks which have and are continuing to be installed throughout Southern Africa. Since 2008 PHB Engineers have developed relevant standards for the installation of optic fibres (which have been approved by the various road authorities) and overseen the construction of thousands of kilometers of optic fibre network. The standards and different types of optic fibre installation relate to:

In-road (urban/metro) infrastructure,

Off-road rural long haul infrastructure, and

Access site infrastructure.

PHB Engineers provide a complete service in terms of telecommunications installations from the preliminary design, to wayleave approvals, to detail design, to construction supervision and final commissioning.

1       Metro Infrastructure 

The installation of subterranean optic fibre in an urban metropolitan environment is a specialist field in terms of ensuring that the fibre is installed to the client’s standards, however also to the approval of the other utilities that utilise “public” space/road reserves for the installation of their services.

PHB Engineers has world-class experience in meeting the client’s requirements to build a robust network, within busy urban environments, within the client’s budget, and within very stringent time and quality constraints.

2       Long Haul Infrastructure

Optic Fibre network infrastructure between main centres is distinctly different from that in an urban environment in that the roads where the fibre is installed are “owned” by different authorities with different technical requirements.

PHB Engineers understands these requirements and have established relationships with all the major road authorities in South Africa, in order to ensure that Long Haul Optic Fibre Installations are carried out in terms of the road authority’s requirements in terms of technical design, on-site construction and safety requirements.

PHB Engineers has been the principal engineer on numerous long-haul optic fibre installations crossing large tracts of South Africa.

3       Access Infrastructure

PHB Engineers has in-house expertise to design and oversee the terminal optic fibre infrastructure installation at the user client’s premises.

This access infrastructure has to comply with the standards of typically three role players:

Public Road Authority Requirements (Wayleave)

Optic Fibre Owner (Client Requirement)

User Client Requirements (the owner / tenant at the access point)

4       Network Design and Wayleave Approvals

PHB Engineers maintains a dedicated optic fibre design and wayleave application/ approval office. The staff in this office understands the basis of optic network design and are able to plan and design the layout of networks to a client’s requirements.

With respect to wayleave approvals, we have established relationships with all the wayleave offices at the numerous utilities across the major centres in South Africa. Given this, we understand each utility’s specific requirements and as such we can ensure that wayleaves are obtained in good time, to ensure that a client’s requirements in terms of network build and roll out is achieved.