Engineering Services


PHB Engineers’ Road division has the experience and expertise to provide a broad range of roads and related services with specific expertise in the following sectors:

1    Traffic Studies and Traffic Counts

PHB Engineers carries out Traffic Impact Studies (TIA) for Provincial and National Roads, as well as in urban environments, and for new private and public developments. The typical results of TIA’s provide recommendations in terms of pedestrianisation, lane upgradings, intersection upgrades, and public transport facilities.

2    National and Provincial Road Designs

We carry out the development of new and upgrading of existing arterial roads which are typically extensive in length and carry high volumes of traffic over great distance. These roads typically form the backbone of the national road network. PHB Engineers’ services in this sector include, Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Design, Detail Design (including Materials, Pavement, Stormwater, Geometric, Road Markings and Signage, as well as Bridges)

3    Road Rehabilitation and Road Materials Engineering

PHB Engineers has specialist expertise and extensive experience specifically in the field of road rehabilitation and materials engineering.  The on-going rehabilitation of the national and provincial road network ensures that transport of goods and people across the sub-continent is efficient and cost effective. The rehabilitation expertise in terms of materials engineering and specialist Bitumen Rubber Asphalt Surfacing which PHB Engineers purports, provides effective solutions to the various road authorities which we serve.

To complement our technical expertise in this field, PHB Engineers’ site staff have extensive hands-on knowhow of specialist surfacing technologies and best-in-class site management systems.

 4    Road Network Management Systems

PHB Engineers has vast experience in carrying out visual assessments of road networks in urban and provincial environments. Coupled with these inspections PHB Engineers has the ability to provide interpretations of visual assessment data (and instrument measurement data IRI’s and FWD’s) and to provide comprehensive reports to client bodies on recommended maintenance and repair measures, as well a programming of these measures into the foreseeable future.

The road network data combined with traffic counts as well as bridge inspection data, and road markings and signage, are all managed in a single GIS Information package (Road Network Management System) to ensure that the road authority has the ability to clearly manage the operations, maintenance and rehabilitation of their assets. 


Routine Roads Maintenance

 PHB Engineers provides Routine Road Maintenance consulting services to road authorities on a long term (3-5 years) contract basis.

These works entail managing the daily maintenance on typically a 500km portion of a road network. Daily maintenance activities which are identified, programmed, monitored, and certified by ourselves include the following:
Maintenance of Road Signage and Markings

Incident / Accident Investigations and Reports

Routine Grass Cutting and Weed / Soil Poisoning

Pothole and Edge break Patching and Repairs

Culvert and Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance and Cleaning

PHB Engineers retains in-house personnel who manage these projects and ensure the clients standards are complied with.