Staff Profile

PHB Engineers currently employs in excess odd 30 individuals across Southern Africa. The figure below provides a breakdown of our people in terms of technical qualifications and HDI status.


Description HDI White Foreign Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Professionally Registered Staff 1 1 2 2   6
Unregistered Technical Staff 5 1 1   7
Technical Support / Site Staff 5 2 2     9
Technical CAD Staff 2 0 1     3
Office Administrative Support Staff 0 4 0 1     5
TOTALS 13 7 6 1 3 0 30



As professional services company, PHB Engineers maintains a deliberate focus on ensuring exceptional levels professionalism and expertise are provided to our clients every day. This achieved through our people. Staff are employed and developed based on their professional qualifications and their aptitude to achieve professional registration in their relevant fields  PHB Engineers currently employs people with the following qualifications and professional registrations.   Professional Engineers Professional Construction Project Managers Professional Project Managers MSC graduates BSC / B ENG graduates B TECH graduates National Diplomas Certified AutoCAD draughts people and operators

Specific Highlighted Expertise

Specific expertise which differentiates PHB Engineers from our competitors in which we are considered industry leaders includes:

Bitumen Rubber Asphalt Road Surfacing
Inroad optic fibre installations
Slurry Bound Macadam Labour Intensive Road Surfacing